Dudley Social Media Network

just been to the network, set up this blog, with Michael and Nick.


About dudleylions

Formed in 1986. We are non sectarian, non religious and a good mix of male and female of all age ranges, having fun whilst helping others.
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18 Responses to Dudley Social Media Network

  1. Jon Foster says:

    Congratulations on the new site!
    Hope you’re enjoying the Social Media Surgery – aren’t they great?
    Anyway good luck with the site and enjoy developing and using it!


  2. Looks like you’ve taken a great first step into the world of blogging Jackie, nice one. The Lions is a great organisation and I hope you’re able to reach an even wider audience using social media with support from lovely chaps like Nick at Podnosh.

    Keep it up!

    • dudleylions says:

      Thank you Nick – still not second nature yet, but we’ll keep trying and eventually you won’t keep us away. Thanks for all your help as well.


  3. Sas says:

    Congratulations and happy blogging!

  4. Maurice Specht says:

    Welcome tot this new and helpfull world.

  5. cyberdoyle says:

    Hi Jackie
    great stuff, keep it up,
    love from lancashire x

  6. Georgette Wright says:

    Well done. So are you Lions as in the club?

    • dudleylions says:

      Hi Georgie, yes we are the local club and trying to help the local people in Dudley. Pleased to hear you have heard fo the Lions. Where have you come across them? Jackie

  7. Stephen says:

    Congratulations and greetings from Vancouver, BC, Canada @podnosh @mobilizingmouse @W2Woodwards


  8. It was good to meet you today at the Social Media Event. I have never come across the Lions before. It would be good to here more about your good work in Dudley so I do hope you find the time to share 😉


    • dudleylions says:

      Hi Mike, good to hear from you. We were formed 25 years ago and bascially try to help people in the local community as well as further afield. We run tombolas, help in youth projects, all sorts of things. This year our charity we are raising funds for is Brain Tumour UK, so next week at Halesowen Victorain Fayre we’ll be dressed up and selling pick a straw to raise more money for them.

      We also help the RBL, Marie Curie etc. If you’re in Halseowen next Satrurday come along and say “hello”.


  9. PGE says:


    I came here by way of the social media surgery site exploring exactly what “social media surgery” means. The idea of informal meetings where all are welcome to explore social media together is great!
    Landing on your blog I thought I’d add a first comment.

    Good luck with your social media networking!


    • dudleylions says:

      Thank you PGE, it’s a brilliant idea – just a pity we’re not very good at it yet, but I’m sure we’ll get used to social media soon – hope so!

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